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Posted on Sunday, November 11 - 2007

When witch school came to town, Mayor Terry Prillaman stopped in to welcome the owners, as he does whenever a new business opens. "If you don"t like them, don"t patronize them," he says. "It"s like a tattoo parlor: You don"t have to go in." Youth pastor Andy Thomas, though, believes the arrival of witches in this town of 1,200 created a "spiritual battle" pitting "the forces of darkness against the forces of light." Rosella Ray, who runs the Village Art & Culture Center, a shop near the school, keeps her distance from the witches. "They just do their thing, whatever their thing is," she says. Witch School opened in July on Chicago Street, the main drag here, between theHarris Insurance Agency and Wally"s Pub & Eatery.

Since then, it has been the chief topic of conversation, rumors and speculation around town. The witches couldn"t be happier. "It"s been great for business," CEO Donald Lewis says. "I do understand that some people, not understanding what we are, might be afraid, but they shouldn"t be. … There are no headless cats, there are no missing children." The witches bought a building that had housed a gift-basket shop and moved here from their former headquarters in Hoopeston, 7 miles north. There are no classrooms; the school operates mostly online. Lewis says it has more than 190,000 registered members. Five people run online classes, ship books and merchandise and sell wands, incense, candles and other items. On Halloween, two workers worelong black robes and pointy witches" hats. The school"s website refers to Rossville as a "pagan colony." The school offers séances, initiations and rituals six days a week. Prillaman says two people showed up at a City Council meeting to object to the school. He has had maybe four phone calls from people who said the witches shouldn"t have been allowed to move here. "I told them, "I don"t remember voting on you coming into town," " he says. "Back in the 1920s, there was quite a presence here" of the Ku Klux Klan, Prillaman says.

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Posted on Sunday, August 04 - 2013

Google Earth photographs show the presence of a huge pentagram in a remote region of Kazakhstan.The five-pointed star is clearly visible on the shore of the Upper Tobol Reservoir and is situated at least 12 miles from the nearest village. Measuring over 1,200 feet across the giant symbol has been subject to numerous conspiracy theories and linked to several nefarious religious sects.The truth however may be far more benign thanks to the research of one archaeologist, Emma Usmanova, who set out to investigate the discovery.As it turns out, the area is nothing more than an old park built in the shape of a star, something that was used a lot in the design of flags, monuments and facades during the Soviet era.

"Conspiracy theorists, start your engines: On the wind-blown steppes of central Asia, in an isolatedcorner of Kazakhstan, there"s a large pentagram etched into the Earth"s surface."  

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Posted on Wednesday, May 15 - 2013

Aviation authorities in Swaziland have aimed tough penalties at witches caught flying over 150m.The bizarre aviation laws highlight the degree to which authorities in the tiny southern African country take witchcraft seriously. Broomsticks used by witches are considered similar to other heavier-than-air transportation devices and anyone caught flying one above 150m will be arrested and subjected to ahefty fine.

According to the law, flying below the 150m mark isn"t a problem.The laws were reiterated following the arrest of private investigator Hunter Shongwe after he was caught flying a toy helicopter with a camera attached to it within Swazi airspace. He was later charged with operating an unregistered aircraft and for failing to appear before his chief to be questioned by authorities. "Witches’ broomsticks are considered similar to anyheavier-than-air transportation device that is airborne, reports The Star."  

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Posted on Friday, March 02 - 2012

Police have warned of a rise in cases involving people being tortured due to being branded as witches.The warning follows the case of Kristy Bamu who was tortured and killed by his own brother on the basis that he was a kindoki witch. The rise in such cases stems from an increasingly widespread West African belief system that promotes the idea that children can be possessed by evil spirits. "We know this is an under-reported crime and a hidden crime," said TerrySharpe, leader of a specialist police unit that investigates cases of this nature.

Another case this week involved a couple in London who were convicted of torturing a 15-year-old to death, again on the pretense that he was possessed. The warning came after a London couple were convicted yesterday of torturing a a 15-year-old boy to death because they were convinced he was possessed by evil spirits. Murderer Eric Bikubi – who with his partner, Magelai Bamu, subjectedher younger brother, Kristy, to four days of torment before drowning him – was obsessed with kindoki.  

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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