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Posted on Friday, September 15 - 2006

Mysterious trenches near Havda

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A giant figure that resembles the Roman numeral VI composed of wide trenches was discovered near the Havda village in the Kutch district of the western Indian state of Gujarat. It has evoked the curiosity of archaeologists because such signs have mostly been observed so far in Peru. Each arm of this feature is a trench that is about two meters wide, twometers deep and more than 100 meters long.Ancient scriptures claim that this area often received UFO’s from the outer space - the chariots of fire.

Archeologists suggest that the area might have been used as a spaceport by the Harappan civilization, which had one of the most fascinating yet mysterious cultures in the ancient world.Located along the Indus River in modern-day Pakistan this civilization was named after the city of Harappa and is famous for its amazing knowledge of astronomy. Harappan priest-astronomers closely followed the planetarymovements composing a star-calendar that was later adopted by the Aryans. Excavations in India had previously shown that the ancient settlers suddenly abandoned and re-inhabited their fortified city in the Kutch reigion several times for reasons yet unknown. This is where the mysterious figure was found, which may very well be the traces of an ancient spacedrome. The meaning of the number remains a mystery.

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Posted on Tuesday, January 22 - 2013

A controversial story from Russia suggests that a prehistoric machine part is extraterrestrial in origin.The claim surrounds an aluminium object that was said to have been discovered in a piece of coal by a resident of Vladivostok when he was lighting his fire. The object was taken to be studied by scientists in the Primorye region who allegedly concluded that it was 300 million years old, meaning that it came in to being well before humans walked the planet. Described as an "aluminium gear", the artifact could have only been created through industrial manufacturing methodswhich has lead to the outlandish suggestion that it is in fact alien in origin.The authenticity of this story, unsurprisingly, remains sketchy at best.

No definitive evaluation of the object has been made available for general study and it is questionable that an object made of aluminium could have survived for 300 million years. While the claim is undoubtedly interesting, for the moment there are too many unknowns involved to conclude that the story represents a discovery of genuine significance. The Voice of Russia and other Russian sources are reporting that a 300 million year old piece of aluminum machinery hasbeen found in Vladivostok. Experts say a gear rail appears to be manufactured and not the result of natural forces.  

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Posted on Friday, August 27 - 2010

Located roughly 20 miles south of Cairo, it is home to the world-famous step pyramid of King Djoser. Dating back more than 4,000 years, it is the oldest of Egypt’s 97 pyramids. Saqqara is also famous for being one of Egypt’s oldest burial grounds, earning it the nickname “City of the Dead.” It was here, in 1891, that French archeologists unearthed an ancient tomb containing the burial remains of Pa-di-Imen, an official from the third century BC. Among the various items discovered was a small wooden model of what appeared to be a bird, lying beside a papyrus bearing the inscription: “I want to fly.” The artifact was later sent to the Cairo Museum, where authorities placed it alongside several other bird figurines. The model sat largely unnoticed, until 1969, when Egyptologist Dr. Kahlil Messiha was examining the bird collection and noticed that there was something very different about the Saqqara bird.

It’s interesting because on one hand, clearly, it should look like a bird because it has eyes and has a typical nose of a bird. On the other hand, the wings are clearly not bird wings. To the middle of the rim, you see this wing a bit thicker. In this region, the lift-up is the highest. The whole thing becomes thinner to the, um, end of the wings. And those wings, uh, model down. And this is a very modern aerodynamic design. Then the other point is, birds have no rudders. Because a bird does not need a rudder because of its aerodynamic architecture. And so, there is the idea they are not representing birds, but flying machines, or aircraft. Could the ancient Egyptians have possessed the power of flight?

In 2006, aviation and aerodynamics expert Simon Sanderson built a scale model of the Saqqara bird five times larger than the original to test that possibility.We’re running at a constant speed, slowly increasing the angle of attack, and then measuring the forces which it’s producing. That way, we can learn about its flight characteristics. At ten degrees, we’re producing four times weight and lift. So, it actually would be flying now. Test shows the Saqqara bird is a highly developed glider...

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Posted on Saturday, March 14 - 2009

Caravaggio was celebrated for his intense and theatrical lighting.

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Caravaggio used an early form of photography to create his masterpieces - 200 years before the invention of the camera, a researcher has claimed. Roberta Lapucci said the Italian artist - noted for his chiaroscuro (light and shadow) paintings - used "techniques that are the basis of photography". It was already known he worked in a "darkroom" and illuminated his models through a hole in the ceiling. But Ms Lapucci believes the image was also projected on a canvas and "fixed".Light-sensitivesubstances applied to the canvas would have "fixed" the image for around 30 minutes, allowing Caravaggio to paint the image with broad strokes using white lead mixed with chemicals and minerals that were visible in the dark.

Ms Lapucci, who is a teacher at the prestigious Studio Art Centers International in Florence, is the first researcher to suggest the 16th century painter treated the canvas with light-sensitive substances.She believes he could have used a photoluminescent powder from crushed fireflies, which was used at the time to create special effects in theatre productions. "There is lots of proof, notably the fact that Caravaggio never made preliminary sketches. So it is plausible that he used these 'projections' to paint," she said. Noting that "an abnormalnumber of his subjects were left-handed," Lapucci said: "That could be explained by the fact that the image projected on the canvas was backwards." She added: "This anomaly disappears in the artist's later works, a sign that the instruments he used were improving. Also thanks to technical progress, his paintings gain a lot in depth of field over the years." Ms Lapucci said the use of such techniques did not detract from the artist's work. "His mastery of certain techniques before his time in no way diminishes his genius. "To the contrary, clearly, you can't just project images on a canvas and copy them to become a Caravaggio."


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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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