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Posted on Thursday, July 17 - 2008

Submitted by Da Verminator: Liew Thow Lin is known as the "Magnetic Man" of Malaysia, because of his incredible ability to stick metal objects to his body.†After a deep medical study, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) lecturer Nasrul Humaimi Mahmood said this ability was probably associated with "suction properties in his skin." Professor Dr. Mohamed Amin Alias, from UTM"s electrical engineering faculty in Johor, agreed. After seeing Liewperform, the professor did research on the matter, and decided, "His skin has a special suction effect that can help metal stick to it." "These powers are not an illusion," he said, "That is why his two sons and two grandchildren also have the magnetic-like ability.

They have his genes." Dr. Atsusi Kono, former chief physician at the Djo Si Idai Hospital in Tokyo, was so impressed with a Russian he saw doing this stunt, that he commented: "There is absolutely no doubt that the objects stick as if their bodies were magnetic." Dr. Friedbert Karger of the MaxPlanck Institute in Germany, in January 1997, investigated another "magnetic man" named Miroslaw Magola who was born in Poland in the 1960s, and was able to demonstrate the ability "to pick up a cup from the floor without touching it, and to control its suspension in mid-air."

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Posted on Tuesday, August 27 - 2013

A CPR training exercise.
Image Credit: Anastasia Puscian / US Navy

An Ohio man who was pronounced dead suddenly came back to life after his son called out to him. 37-year-old Anthony Yahle was rushed to hospital after his wife, who was a nurse, found him unconscious at their home and couldn"t wake him up. Cardiologists examining him couldn"t find anyarterial blockage and believed his prognosis was good, but then without warning he suffered a complete cardiac arrest and despite working on him for 45 minutes doctors were unable to save him.When his family who were waiting to hear news in a room nearby were informed of his passing, Anthony"s teenage son Lawrence jumped up, charged through to where his father lay and said to him "Dad, you"re not going to die today."Incredibly, doctors noticed that a short time later Anthony"s heart had started beating again.

He went on to make a full recovery and suffered no ill effects, something that isitself unusual for someone who had been technically dead for such a long period of time.This is the second such case to hit the headlines in recent weeks, earlier this month Venessa Tenasio from Melbourne was reported to have been declared clinically dead for 41 minutes before being revived by doctors.

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Posted on Friday, August 23 - 2013

Huang Rongming has undergone surgery to address a very rare case of congenital heart displacement.The unusual condition saw Huang born with his heart located in front of his stomach, protected from bumps and injuries by nothing but a thin layer of skin. With his heart practically bulging from his abdomen he had to grow up unable to participate in sports or other activities for fear of damaging it. Nowthanks to donations following a public appeal, Huang has been able to undergo the surgery he needed to put his heart back in the right place."Itís a dream come true," he said.

"Iím going to lead a normal life like everyone else." Doctors who examined Huang before his operation were amazed that he"d actually survived this long with a condition where even the slightest bump to his exposed heart could have killed him. "Huang Rongming was born withcongenital heart displacement."  

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Posted on Thursday, August 22 - 2013

Mother-of-one Asha Mandela from Georgia holds the current record for the world"s longest locks.Having grown her hair for more than 25 years, Mandela is now so attached to her locks that she can no longer bear to have them cut. "My hair has become part of me. It is my life. I will never cut it," she said. Measuring longer than the length of a bus, her record-breaking hair has attracted fans from all over the world andis the basis for her own secret hair formula.It"s not all good news however, doctors have warned that the sheer weight of her hair and the strain it is placing on her head and body have given her a curved spine and that it could eventually lead to paralysis.

"Some have said my neck has collapsed at the back and that I need to be careful because I could start having spasms in my spine and probably be paralysed," she said. "She is the real life Rapunzel with 55ftlong dreadlocks that are longer than a bus."  

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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