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Posted on Monday, May 18 - 2009

It is rumored that with Phoenix III at Montauk, that government scientists were able to create a time tunnel of sorts and to make sure that the time tunnel worked, drunks and derelicts were collected and thrown into the time tunnel. They made sure the drunks and derelicts were sober for a week, before entering the tunnel, if they were to survive and come back, they were questioned by government officials. The story goes, many didn't make it back and they are still floating in the midst of time. The few that did make it back, their stories were retrieved and later they died by mysterious circumstances. The government selected drunks and derelicts, because they would not be missed by friends or family members. Below this article you will find my comments on the 2nd Montauk Monster that they found. If for some reason DNA testing of this strange animal is analyzed and it is determined that it comes from an unknown species, then I will eat crow. I will also look at the factors of this strange place called Montauk Point. A place where a dimensional rift may have been torn into our own space/time continuum that now allows creatures such as the Montauk Monster to enter our plane of existence. At Fort Hero, there is an abandoned air force base that was decommissioned in 1969. The base at some areas seems operational and finances to keep areas of this base operational come from unknown sources. Montauk Point is a scenic area with a beautiful lighthouse. But this scenic area may be hiding strange secrets that date back to 1943. In 1943 the USS Eldridge was experimented on. The government sought out radar undetectibility, but stumbled onto something else. Legend has it, that the USS Eldridge became invisible and was removed from our space/time continuum. It was also teleported 100 miles away to Norfolk, VA. The sailors on board were released to mental facilities, so any comments they would say to the public, would be perceived as unbelievable. It was also reported that some of the sailors were infused into the hulk of the ship. You would see a man's torso seemingly glued to the hull of the ship. It was rumored a green mist enveloped the ship and it became invisible to many witnesses. Experiments in time travel and further experiments.

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Posted on Thursday, April 23 - 2009

The strangest monument in America looms over a barren knoll in northeastern Georgia. Five massive slabs of polished granite rise out of the earth in a star pattern. The rocks are each 16 feet tall, with four of them weighing more than 20 tons apiece. Together they support a 25,000-pound capstone. Approaching the edifice, it's hard not to think immediately of England's Stonehenge or possibly the ominous monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Built in 1980, these pale gray rocks are quietly awaiting the end of the world as we know it.Called the Georgia Guidestones, the monument is a mystery—nobody knows exactly who commissioned it or why. The only clues to its origin are on a nearby plaque on the ground—which gives the dimensions and explains a series of intricate notches and holes that correspond to the movements of the sun and stars—and the "guides" themselves, directives carved into the rocks. These instructions appear in eight languages ranging from English to Swahili and reflect a peculiar New Age ideology. Some are vaguely eugenic (guide reproduction wisely—improving fitness and diversity); others prescribe standard-issue hippie mysticism (prize truth—beauty—love—seeking harmony with the infinite).What's most widely agreed upon—based on the evidence available—is that the Guidestones are meant to instruct the dazed survivors of some impending apocalypse as they attempt to reconstitute civilization. Not everyone is comfortable with this notion. A few days before I visited, the stones had been splattered with polyurethane and spray-painted with graffiti, including slogans like "Death to the new world order." This defacement was the first serious act of vandalism in the Guidestones' history, but it was hardly the first objection to their existence. In fact, for more than three decades this uncanny structure in the heart of the Bible Belt has been generating responses that range from enchantment to horror. Supporters (notable among them Yoko Ono) have praised the messages as a stirring call to rational thinking, akin to Thomas Paine's The Age of Reason. Opponents have attacked them as the Ten Commandments of the Antichrist.Whoever the anonymous architects of the Guidestones were, they knew.

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Posted on Monday, April 06 - 2009

From goofy to erudite, more than three dozen theories have attempted to explain the origins of grassy mounds that dot the prairies of Southwest Washington. The latest twist won't settle the debate, but it casts the mysterious hummocks in a different light. Laser light, that is.Scientists used airborne laser surveys to create topographic maps that reveal new details about the so-called Mima Mounds scattered across lowlands south of Olympia and Tacoma. The technique fires 23,000 pulses a second toward the ground, and erases signals that bounce back from vegetation and buildings. The result is an exceptionally crisp image accurate to a few inches or feet.The new maps clearly show that all of the mounds formed near the margins of retreating glaciers, supporting an idea first proposed nearly a century ago, said Robert Logan, chief of geological mapping for the Washington Department of Natural Resources.Logan and Timothy Walsh, who leads DNR's geologic-hazards section, tweaked the old theory to fit their new observations. They presented their work in Seattle last week at the 81st annual meeting of the Northwest Scientific Association. Fans of the gopher theory aren't buying it — but more about that later.Standing up to 6 feet tall and measuring 30 feet across, Washington's most famous mounds are at Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve near the town of Littlerock. But "pimpled prairies" cover about 10,000 acres and include tracts on Fort Lewis and near Yelm, Roy and Spanaway.The story the DNR scientists deciphered from the landscape began at the end of the last ice age, about 13,500 years ago, and features gushing meltwater, sun cups and erosion. There's even a hint the ice might have retreated at breakneck speed.As glacial lobes melted, Logan explained, dammed-up water occasionally burst free, gouging channels. The new maps show all of the mounded tracts are adjacent to outburst channels. The surging floodwaters would have carried gravel, which underlies the mounds. The topography also shows evidence that the meltwater pooled up, perhaps dammed by chunks of ice. Cold winds blowing off the glacier would have frozen the ponded water, Logan said.That's where the sun cups enter the picture. As anyone who's trekked across glaciers.

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Posted on Saturday, April 04 - 2009

The intaglios near Blythe, along the Colorado River along the California-Arizona border are the American equivalent of the Peruvian Nazca lines. Though never promoted as the airport for extraterrestrial beings, here are nevertheless the same geometric shapes, animals and humans, etched in the soil and best – and some of them only – visible from the sky. Geoglyphs can be found in a number of locations across the States, but those that rival the intricacies found at Nazca most closely are near Blythe and Bouse, where allegedly over 600 exist – though far fewer – and only the largest – can be located today. The intaglios are found east of the Big Maria Mountains, about 15 miles north of downtown Blythe just west of U.S. Highway 95 near the Colorado River, where it defines the border between Arizona and California. The Blythe intaglios – meaning “incised designs” – were discovered on November 12, 1931 by Army Air Corps pilot George A. Palmer, flying from Hoover Dam to Los Angeles. However, another story states that he was operating out of an airport at Las Vegas and decided to visit his brother in the Palo Verde Valley, and decided to reach his destination by following a course between the Maria Mountains and the Colorado River, thus discovering the geoglyphs. Palmer wrote: “Near two of the human shapes are figures of serpents and four-legged animals with long tails. One giant, or god, appears just to the have stepped out of a large dance ring.” He referred to the image of a “giant”, 167 feet in length, though there are several humans depicted, the smallest geoglyph measuring 95 feet. The dance ring he referred to is 140 feet in diameter. Palmer approached Arthur Woodward, Curator of History and Anthropology at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, who asked whether aerial photographs could be taken, which Palmer accomplished in July, with the help of Dr. Charles E. Barrows. Palmer’s discovery of the Blythe intaglios led to a survey of the area by Woodward. They thus became classified as Historical Landmark No. 101 and referred to as the “Giant Desert Figures”. He dated them, based on the coating of the desert varnish, stating that they were at least 200 years old, perhaps much older. However, with no resident custodian, the site was quickly subject to decay, whether by tourism or.

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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