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Posted on Tuesday, April 24 - 2007

Gordon Rugg’s work showed that the Voynich Manuscript could have been hoaxed. Whether or not the manuscript actually was a hoax was another question. A key problem was finding a suitable type of statistical analysis. A breakthrough comes with the publication in Cryptologia this April of an article by Austrian researcher Dr Andreas Schinner, a theoretical physicist and software engineer at the Johannes Kepler University.Schinner analysed the text of the manuscript using specialist statistics capable of handling quasi-stochastic distributions, and found that the manuscript’s statistical properties were consistent with a hoax consisting of meaningless gibberish produced using Rugg’s method or a similar quasi-random method.

This does not prove that the manuscript is a hoax, but it strongly suggests that the hoax theory is correct. If there is meaningful coded material in the manuscript, then either:- there is only a small amount, surrounded by largeamounts of meaningless padding – otherwise the statistics would have come out differently, or - if there is a large amount of meaningful coded material, then it must have been encoded using a method which just happens to produce the same statistical properties as a quasi-random gibberish generator.

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Posted on Tuesday, July 16 - 2013

A recent study has revealed several distinct groups of people who do not hold religious beliefs.The largest group of non-believers was found to be the "Intellectual Atheist/Agnostic" group who were described as "individuals who proactively seek to educate themselves through intellectual association." Next up were the "Activist Atheist/Agnostics" who see themselves as non-believers but who are open tothe possibility of belief.Only one of the groups was determined to be anti-religious, the "Anti-Theists", who believe that religion is detrimental to society.

"It’s useful to understand that atheists are not all the same, in the same way that religious people aren’t all the same," said Dave Muscato of the American Atheists organization. "Researchers at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga report that atheists are just as heterogenous of agroup as people of faith, in a study done by doctoral student Christoper F."  

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Posted on Monday, June 24 - 2013

Food writer Kevin Shalin was said to have ended up in hospital after attempting to beat an eating record.Also known as "The Mighty Rib", Shalin allegedly managed to scoff hundreds of the butter-rich snacks at the Red Lobster restaurant in Arkansas. The latest in a long line of food writers and critics to gorge on the eatery"s Cheddar Bay Biscuits, he was reported to have managed a whopping 413 before falling to the ground convulsing. He was quickly taken to hospital where doctors hadto drain two gallons of butter from his system."He sat down at the bar while we were waiting on a table and he decided to try one of the biscuits," said food writer Daniel Walker.

"He thought they were the most wonderful thing he ever placed in his mouth."Update: The story doesn"t end there however - it has since emerged that the 413 biscuits claim was in fact a hoax published in the Rock City Times and later re-tweeted by Kevin Shalin himself. It doesn"t look like he actually ate himself in to a coma after all. "A food writertrying to beat a restaurant’s customer record of scoffing hundreds of butter-rich cakes failed - and slipped into a coma."  

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Posted on Thursday, February 16 - 2012

University students are attempting to get to the bottom of a hoaxed mermaid made in the 19th century.Known as the Buxton Mermaid, the creation is composed of parts of different animals joined together. The hairs on the creature appear to be human while the tail is that of a fish that is being DNA tested to determine what species it was taken from. "She mayhave come from Japan or the Far East," said student Anita Hollinshead.

"A lot of these kind of mermaids came from that area and were made by fishermen and they sold them to supplement their income as sort of fake mermaids." University staff and students are doing tests to uncover the origins of a museum exhibit which looks like a mummified mermaid. They have alreadyfound the mysterious Buxton Mermaid"s hair is human.  

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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