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Posted on Tuesday, June 26 - 2012

Evidence of an ancient city that could predate the Egyptian Pyramids has been discovered in Syria.Stone tool fragments, stone circles and other clues have been unearthed near the ancient monastery of Deir Mar Musa near Damascus, however due to current events in the region archaeologists have been unable to investigate. Robert Mason of the RoyalOntario Museum came across the finds during a trip in 2009."What it looked like was a landscape for the dead and not for the living," he said.

"It’s something that needs more work and I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen." Mason has nicknamed the discoveries "Syria"s Stonehenge". A mystery city lies in Syria’s deserts, one older than the pyramids -- but the war-torn area is preventingarchaeologists from decoding its riddles.  

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Posted on Thursday, June 14 - 2012

Researchers believe they have found the fabled lost city of Ciudad Blanca in the Honduras rainforest.Known as the legendary "White City" and said to be filled with gold, the location of Ciudad Blanca has been sought by explorers and treasure hunters for centuries. To locate the ruins lasers were fired from a plane flying over the jungle, a technique that builds up a 3D topological map of theterrain beneath the trees.It is one of the first times that LIDAR ( light detection and ranging ) has been used to map ancient ruins, another notable use of the technology was by an archeology team in 2009 who used it to map Mayan ruins in the dense rainforest of Belize.

Underneath the thick, virgin rainforest cover in the Mosquitia region of Honduras, archaeologists have discovered ruins they think may be the lost city of Ciudad Blanca.  

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Posted on Monday, May 21 - 2012

An unknown tribe has left valuable clues in the form of "body jars" found around the Cardamom Mountains.Little is known about this mysterious Cambodian tribe apart from the fact that part of their burial rituals involved placing the bodies or bones of the deceased in to jars or other containers. These sites have been found in various parts of the mountains including 160ft up a cliff presumably to preventpoachers from disturbing the remains.Radiocarbon-dating has placed the "bone jars" to between 1395 and 1650 AD during the decline of the Khmer Empire.

The search goes on for more clues that could help reveal who these mysterious tribesmen were and what was behind their unusual burial practices. Perched in some cases on precarious cliff ledges, centuries-old log coffins—such as this one, pictured alongside researcher Nancy Beavan—and "body jars" are theonly known traces of an unknown Cambodian tribe.  

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Posted on Sunday, May 13 - 2012

Names inscribed on an ancient tablet in cuneiform characters appear to be from an unknown language.Dating back to 700 BC, the tablet was retrieved from the site of the Ziyaret Tepe palace in the ancient Assyrian city of Tušhan. Examinations of the tablet revealed that several of the names inscribed are written in a language that has never been seen before. "One or two areactually Assyrian and a few more may belong to other known languages of the period, such as Luwian or Hurrian," said John MacGinnis, "but the great majority belong to a previously unidentified language." Your homeland has been taken over by a foreign power.

You are forced to move to a frontier town far from your home and work in the palace of the governor. Your name, perhaps the only link to your mother tongue, isrecorded in the household accounts in the local script.  

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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