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Posted on Sunday, January 29 - 2006

Stone Age Tools

Unearthing of some objects, believed to be Stone Age tools, during excavation of a tank at a village nearby, has prompted the Visva Bharati University's archaeology department to seek assistance of the Archaeological Survey of India to unravel the mystery. "The scientific excavation is likely to throw new light on the possible existence of stone age people in this part of Bengal," sources in the university's archaeology department said. They said that the tools "bear similarity with those used by the Middle Paleolithic people some 40,000 years ago". Archaeology department head Subrata Chakraborty said that some moulded iron substances, circular in shape, were also found during excavation of the tank at Sekhampur village, near this sub-divisional town ofWest Bengal's Birbhum district. All these came to light last month when excavators, while carving out a tank from a water pool, came across the artefacts "believed to be stone age tools".   The artefacts consist of borers, scrapers and tools, which, according to the Visva-Bharati archaeologists, bear 'testimony' to the tools used in the Stone Age.   Chakraborty told PTI here that his department had examined the tools, but could not come to any conclusion about the period pending detailed inquiry by the ASI.   "After finding the specimens collected during excavation, we believe these have the features of Middle Paleolithic period," he said, suggesting wider excavation of the tank.   Chakraborty said after he had written a letter to the state's higher education minister Satyasadhan Chakraborty, which was later forwarded to the chief minister Buddhadev Bhattacharjee, state government sent a team of experts fromstate archaeological department to visit the site.   "However, report of that team is still awaited", he added.   Meanwhile, the district administration has taken steps to ensure that there is no further digging of the tank and, as such, the entire area has been cordoned off to ward off any undesirable elements from nearing it.

ASI sources in Kolkata were not available for comment on any new archaeological find in Birbhum.Article Source

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Posted on Saturday, May 18 - 2013

New DNA evidence has suggested that the ancient Minoans may not have originated in Egypt at all.When Sir Arthur Evans discovered the Palace of Minos on Crete in 1900, he determined that the artifacts left behind by the Minoans seemed to set them apart from the Bronze-Age Greeks and were likely to have instead originated in Northern Egypt. New research has now cast doubt on this hypothesis however because DNA recovered from caves onCrete suggests that the Minoans had descended from early farmers who settled on the island thousands of years earlier."For the last 30, 40 years thereís been a growing sense that Minoan Crete was created by people indigenous to the island," said archaeologist Cyprian Broodbank.

"Itís good to have some of the old assumptions that Minoans migrated from some other high culture scotched." "The Minoans flourished on Crete for as many as 12 centuries until about 1,500 bc, when it isthought to have been devastated by a catastrophic eruption of the Mediterranean island volcano Santorini, and a subsequent tsunami."  

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Posted on Wednesday, April 24 - 2013

An Iron Age graveyard discovered in France is set to provide new insights in to the life of the Celts.The burial site was found in a field between a motorway and the Seine river southeast of Paris. Archaeologists have uncovered a great many finds buried at the site including the remains of five Celtic warriors and a treasure trove of weapons and adornments that will help to shed light on the enigmatic civilization of Gaul.Buried next to the warriorsare the remains of several women, each adorned with jewellery, twisted-metal necklaces and large bronze brooches indicative of high status.

The type of jewellery indicates the burial took place between 325 and 260 BC."It has laid bare a complex civilisation that had a mastery of metal and a trading system which spanned Europe and generated great wealth," a report on the find stated. "The graves were uncovered at a depth of about 6.5 feet but if they had any external markers, none remains." "French reports on the find, carried on the Irish website TheJournal."  

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Posted on Wednesday, April 17 - 2013

A vast harbor complex thought to be 4,500 years old has been unearthed on the shores of the Red Sea.The harbor predates the current oldest known harbor by 1,000 years and is believed to have been used to help extend the domain of the Egyptian pharaoh Khufu by shipping copper and other materials across the Mediterranean. The harbor complex is located about 112 miles south of Suez and wasdiscovered by a team from the French Institute for Archaeological Studies.Also among the ancient dock structures archaeologists found carved stone anchors and a treasure trove of papyrus documents, one of which belonging to a port official who helped lead the construction of the Great Pyramid.

"He mainly reported about his many trips to the Tura limestone quarry to fetch block for the building of the pyramid," said Egyptologist Pierre Tallet. ""This diary provides for the first time an insight on this matter," Tallet said."  

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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