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Posted on Thursday, November 11 - 2004

The so-called “chemtrails” that are seen almost everywhere in the skies of the world are an incredible phenomenon of our time, if only because like UFO sightings, the broad span of social, political, and intellectual life of major nations largely ignores such things utterly. Even those with imagination (artists, playwrights, novelists, poets) ignore such anomalistic things as UFOs and chemtrails, even though they offer images, symbols, metaphors, intrigue, mysterious technology, and much more besides! This changing of the skies of the world full previously of traditional pantomime clouds to a sky scored by lines of whitish-grey streaks is totallyignored by major news, media, and communication outlets.

This is strange again given that the effects are quite spectacular and beautiful when lit by the evening sun. The trails spread out at different rates, they come from different angles, and the aircraft that create them can be seen streaking across the sky, often several at once, and at extremely high speeds. The word “chemtrails” is used here for lack of a better word, but it is unlikely that what we see spreading out across the sky are chemicals of some sort. Such an amount of chemicals would surely have the most immediate and obvious effect on both our minds and environment. We would be please to hear from environmental group who have more specialized knowledge about any kind ofchemical/environmental approach. Over the past year, the Combat Diaries team have conducted a special investigation of chemtrails over Britain. With the help of specialists (some ex Royal Air Force), we conducted a 16 hour period of observation by web, telephone, and amateur radio of the skies over America and Central Europe, from first light to last light, taking into account time differences. The results were quite disturbing. It was obvious that simultaneous operation by large numbers of quite visible aircraft were being mounted over continental areas on both sides of the Atlantic. Through contacts, we managed also to get reports on this selected same day from the civilian staff of merchant and cruise ships crossing the Atlantic. They reportedthat sky trails were. ...

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Posted on Tuesday, June 22 - 2004

Mildred Price of Jennings loves to collect art and odd or unusual items. She also loves flowers and the look of a well-manicured lawn. She spends a lot of time keeping her yard in great shape. So on a warm day in July 1982, Price was working in the yard of her boarding house in midtown St. Louis and happened to rake over an unusual rock. She said it was brownish-black, semi-oblong and smooth. It fit in the palm of her hand. She picked it up. It was solid and weighty. As she stood admiring the rock, a man who worked for her noticed her looking at the rock and walked over to take a look. He told her that she needed to keep it because it was aspecial rock: a rock that grows.

Price, 74, now retired after working as a private-duty nurse, thought that sounded strange. Nevertheless, being a collector of unusual items, she put the rock in her yard and close to the fence. And that's where it stayed for about five years. She says that in those years, she would check on the rock from time to time, and to her amazement, it would appear to be getting bigger. Price, a mother of four and grandmother, shared with her family and close friends the tale of the growing rock. She was reluctant to talk about it to anyone else. "I didn't want to tell anyone else, because I didn't want people to think I was going insane," she said. "If I told someone, they wouldhave thought something was wrong with me." Audrey Farrar, Price's older daughter, says her mother didn't talk to anybody about the rock because her mother probably was skeptical. "We have all watched it grow over the years," says Farrar. "It wasn't like it was growing while you looked at it. It was like, from time to time you would see it and say, 'Well, yeah, OK.' I just wish that we had taken measurements of it before now, because everybody just thinks we are crazy." Bill Brooks, a longtime family friend, says he has witnessed the rock's growth. "When I first saw it, it was sitting in the corner of the yard," said Brooks. "It was a little rock, and over the yearsit's. ...

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Posted on Saturday, September 29 - 2007

Jim Marrs: Behind the doors of the CIA and U.S. Army Intelligence, science and ESP come together like a movie in the electrifying scenes of Jim Marrs’ new book, PSI Spies: the True Story of America’s Psychic Warfare Program. The author of best-sellers that have revealed the secrets and the conspiracies of the Federal Government, Marrs traces in PSI Spies the evolution of remote viewing and the use of this mental technology from the hidden laboratories of the 1970s to a new generation of viewers now being trained by former PSI spies. At the height of the Cold War an American intelligence officer prowled the hallways of the Kremlin in Moscow. Creeping up a staircase at the center of SovietRussia’s most secret intelligence operations, he suddenly froze when he saw a Soviet soldier on guard.

Holding his breath, he slipped past the guard, who showed no reaction. Reaching his destination, the American passed through a locked doorway and began to study the maps on the walls. He was no ordinary spy. Unseen by the guard, he had literally passed through a locked door because he was one of America’s PSI Spies––military men trained in the use of a psychic technique known as remote viewing. The PSI spy was able to penetrate the Kremlin with his mind, while his body lay on a cot in an obscure wood-framed building on the grounds of Fort Meade, Maryland. As he practiced a skill called “bi-location”, physically he was in one place while mentally he was on the other side of the planet. Previously known asclairvoyance, remote viewing is the ability to perceive people, places and things beyond the reach of our normal five senses. In one of the most rigorous and secret scientific investigations in history, it has been discovered that most humans can develop this skill that, scientists have found, is confined by neither time nor distance.Despite extensive scientific study and operational use over a quarter of a century and through four separate White House administrations, few Americans know the true story of the remote viewing as it was studied and used by tax-supported government agencies, including the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency and the United States Army. Begun as an experimental response to psychic research that was being conducted behind the Iron Curtain in the 1960s, the use of secret remotev...

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Posted on Sunday, March 26 - 2006

This article was sent in to us by a researcher who wished to remain anonymous. Could this reveal the truth behind these enigmatic agents? The mysterious Men in Black, or MiB's, have a long history of reports that date back to the mid-1940's in almost every country. While many connect the encounters of MiB's to the famous and well publicized encounters reported by Albert Bender and John Keel, the actual number of reports from people internationally who have encountered these mysterious men who are then intimidated into silence, are much greater. The truth behind the MiB is even more compelling and disturbing then many might think. These mysterious agents actually belong to a very REALagency that has and continues to infiltrate every aspect of our society.From 1990 through 2000, this secret agency went overt to the world under the alias of The Office of Scientific Investigation and Research (O.S.I.R.).

The O.S.I.R. conducts scientific investigation, research and experimentation in all fields of science; from astronomy to geology, from biology to psychology, from physics to zoology. In addition to these areas, the agency is the only agency of it's kind in the world with a “Phenomenology Division” that exclusively researches areas dealing with all types of paranormal, supernatural, anomalous and metaphysical phenomena. The agency researches and investigates every type of phenomena imaginable, from extraterrestrial Close Encounters, supernatural phenomena (i.e. poltergeist/haunts,possession/exorcisms, miracles, metaphysics, etc.) psychic phenomena (i.e. remote viewing, reincarnation, psychokinesis, etc.), cryptozoology (i.e. encounters of strange creatures) and generally undefinable anomalies (i.e. crop circles, vile vortices, raining frogs, time/space distortions, etc.). In addition to these areas, they also explore ancient earth mysteries and investigations that deal with supernatural mythologies that prove to be authenticated. The exact number of researchers, operatives, staff and personnel are unknown, but it is conjectured that the agency is staffed some of the world's best scientists, researchers and experts who come from private institutions, corporations and universities. They specialize in every discipline of science imaginable, from astrophysics to psychology,from ...

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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