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Posted on Thursday, February 09 - 2012

Researchers now believe volcanic eruptions were responsible for a recent 400-year miniature ice age.Roughly between 1400 and 1800, North America and Europe experienced considerably colder winters in what is now known in history as the "Little Ice Age". Until recently this prolonged drop intemperature had been associated with the Maunder Minimum, a period of low solar activity, but now researchers believe that a series of volcanic eruptions filled the atmosphere with enough ash particles to cause the temperatures to drop during this period.

Iím not a big guy. It doesnít take a tremendous shove to send me crashing to the floor. But what does it take to knock the Earthís climate off balance? In the case of the Little Ice Age, a recent 400-year coldsnap, a new study suggests a few well-timed volcanic eruptions might have done the trick.  

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Posted on Thursday, September 03 - 2009

A unique form of water collecting is being used in Peru to help solve the lack of water to be found on the hills surrounding the capital, large fog catching nets are set up that are capable of gathering water from the air withoutthe need for rain. "When people from rural Peru move to Lima, the capital, they're looking for a better life.

But things can be tough. It's hard to find a job in the city.The jobs they can getóbus driver, street vendor, construction workeródon't pay well." View: Full Article | Source: National Geographic

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Posted on Thursday, May 22 - 2008

Long ago, our ancestors were using caves as shelter from wild animals and the forces of nature. Perhaps, this base necessity however, has always been eclipsed by man"s curiosity and desire to explore the mystical and enigmatic air inside the abyss. In the past, Environmental Graffiti has explored some amazing uses of caves -from discotheques, temples and underground cities to hotels and primary schools. That"s only scratching at the surface however. Today, with all sorts of equipment, cavinghas turned into something of an extreme sport - it involves climbing, crawling and sometimes even swimming.

Looking at the most extreme end then, what about those caves that create the enigma, that fuel the stuff of legends; caves that appear bottomless and that seem to extend to the very center of the earth? What are the ten deepest caves on our planet? 10. Cehi 2: Slovenia"s deepest cave was mapped by Italian explorers from the Club Alpino Italiano of Trieste. They published a very interesting document, called Progressione 50: although it"s in Italian, you can see how the expedition went inside theCehi 2 (or Ceki 2:). The cave, which is in the Canin Massif, is located in the Western Julian Alps, on the Italian-Slovenian border. The alpinists managed to go as deep as 4928 feet (1502 m). To put this in perspective, the depth is over twice the height of the tallest man-made structure in the world.

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Posted on Thursday, September 18 - 2008

It appeared in the sky for the briefest of moments. A dazzling arc of psychedelic colour reminiscent of the Cheshire Cat"s grin in Lewis Carroll"s Alice in Wonderland. But this is no fantasy or trick of the light, it is known as a circumzenithal arc. Seen here shimmering in the sky over Cambridge in the afternoon sunshine, it is often mistaken for a rainbow hanging upside down. But unlike a rainbow, the sky has to be clear of rain and low level clouds for it to be seen. Relatively rare in Britain, the arc only appears when sunlight shines at a specific angle through a thin veil of wispy clouds at a height of around 20,000 to 25,000 feet. At this altitude the cirrus clouds are madeof ice crystals, the size of grains of salt.

Meteorologists say the clouds must be convex to the sun with the ice particles lined up together in the right direction to refract the light. This results in the sunlight bouncing off the ice crystals high in the atmosphere, sending the light rays back up and bending the sunlight like a glass prism into a spectrum of colour. Renowned astronomer and writer Dr Jacqueline Mitton was lucky enough to capture the optical phenomenon on camera near her home in Cambridge last Sunday. The 60-year-old who has a doctorate in astrophysics from Cambridge University said: "I"ve never seen anything like it before - and I"m 60. "The conditions have to be just right: you need the right sort of ice crystals and the sky has to be clear. "It"s quite surprising for this to occursomewhere like Cambridge, usually it is in places that are colder. "We"re not sure how big an area it was visible over, but it was certainly very impressive." According to Dr Mitton, the colours in the rainbow were intensified by the position of the sun, which was at the optimum spot in the sky of 22 degrees.The vision was made even more dazzling by the presence of "sun dogs" - gleaming spots on a halo around the sun. Dr Mitton added: "It was just an amazing combination of factors that happened at the right time."

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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