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Posted on Thursday, March 10 - 2005

Swiss experts are helping restore the Osireion – one of the most important burial sites of ancient Egypt, which is crumbling away with time. The 4,500-year-old Osireion was a place of pilgrimage for the ancient Egyptians, who went there to worship King Osiris – the father of pharaonic culture- who they believed was buried there.Theo Abt, who lectures at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, says that despite the tomb’s importance, the site has been allowed to fall into a "shocking" state of decay. It was Abt who came up with theidea for the restoration project involving geologists and construction engineers from universities and technical colleges in canton Bern.

The tomb of Osiris is in the Nile Valley, around 560 kilometres south of Cairo and 120 kilometres north of Luxor. The site is as wide as a football field, almost twice as long and divided into numerous chambers. An important part of the site is a subterranean chamber that connects with the river Nile. Within it is a kind of island which was flooded when the Nile waters rose. The island was meant to symbolise life, which no flood can totally wipe out.Water traditionally played an important part in ancient Egyptian worship,but has now become part of the tomb’s problem. The island is no longer periodically flooded, it is constantly under water."A pile of stones in a water hole," is how Bernese geology professor Christian Schlüchter describes the appearance of the chamber, which once symbolised life. The water level has risen not just within the tomb but throughout the Nile Valley.

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Posted on Sunday, June 19 - 2005

AntiKythera Mechanism

London Science Museum curator Michael Wright characterized as invaluable the Antikythera Mechanism, an extremely complex astronomy instrument.The device dates back to the 1st century BC and according to Mr. Wright, overturns the myth that ancient Greeks were philosophers and had no interest in technology.For the first time in the history of the findings that come from the specific period of time, something so complex has been discovered, underlined Mr. Wright speaking to MPA within the framework of anopen lecture in Thessaloniki yesterday. Mr.

Wright pointed out that for the first time, based on the study of the mechanism itself, (he has constructed a replica to be able to understand how it works) is made widely known that this was a lunar calendar able to predict lunar eclipses. He said that this is a very important fact because people back then planted their crops based on the lunar circle. He added that the most important fact is that the specific mechanism displayed not only the position of the Moon and the Sun in the sky but all the known planets today as well, Saturn included. The device, stressed Mr. Wright, proves that it was not the first one made during that time,while he underlined that the scenarios that question the fact that its origin is Greece are groundless. For the record, the specific finding was discovered in an ancient shipwreck at a depth of 42 meters that was located by sponge-divers from the Aegean island of Simi in 1900. They were coming from Tunisia and because of heavy seas they were forced to stop at the island of Antikythera. A year later, the Archaeological Agency launched a series of systematic seabed excavations during which important findings were discovered now displayed at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.Article Source

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Posted on Sunday, January 22 - 2006

by: Paul Damon TruthSeekers Research INT. S.A.I.

This question has arisen in the minds of Peruvian Ufologists recently. I wrote the following brief article a couple of months ago for publishing in the British TruthSeekers Review, and thought that it might arouse the curiosity of some in this newsgroup. I first heard of it while in conversation with a Peruvian UFO researcher. What follows is the compilation of information that was subsequently sent on to me after I spent much time ringing contacts around Lima. A huge mysterious door-like structure has recently been discovered in the Hayu Marca mountain region of Southern Peru. Hayu Marca, 35 kilometers from the city of Puno has long been revered by local Indians as the "City of the Gods", and has never been fully explored because of the rugged mountain terrain. Although no actual city has ever been discovered, many of the rock formations of the region resemble buildings and artificial structures. The door, or the "Puerta de Hayu Marca" ( Gate of the gods/spirits) has been at some time in the distant past carved out of a natural rock face and in all measures exactly seven meters in height by seven meters in width with a smaller alcove in the center at the base, which measures in at just under two meters in height.

Jose Luis Delgado Mamani stumbled across the structure while trekking through the surrounding foothills trying to familiarize himself with the area as his job is as a guide for mountaineering tourists. "When I saw the structure for the first time, I almost passed out..." said Mamani in an interview with the local press. "I have dreamed of such a construction repeatedly over the years, but in the dream the path to the door was paved with pink marble, and with pink marble statues lining either side of the path. In the dream, I also saw that the smaller door was open and there was a brilliant blue light coming from what looked like a shimmering tunnel. I have commented to my family many times about these dreams, and so when I finally gazed upon the doorway, it was like a revelation from God... How do you make order of such a strange occurrence?" ....

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Posted on Monday, March 27 - 2006

by L. Savage

The pyramid complex at Gizeh, and in particular the Great Pyramid, has held a grand fascination for all peoples for millennia. What is it? Why is it? These questions have been disected, debated, researched, and written about for centuries.

I have read every possible writing that I could ever find on the Great Pyramid and have not seen this theory presented anywhere. In one way, I think this presentation is more objective than most theory views. I am not promoting this theory, not publishing it for profit, and nothing to gain or lose by its acceptance or rejection by the readers. Other theorists have developed a single approach and one-sided view of this Grand Structure, promoting their one theory with self-serving facts and research, overlooking other obvious facts. I do believe a more comprehensive - more encompassing theory is probably a better definition of the Great Pyramid ---one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The oldest manuscript concerning the Gizeh complex is the 'Emerald Tablets of Thoth,' where Thoth writes about how he developed the 'underground' portion of Gizeh. He buried a craft there for the 'end times' for our benefit to defeat the enemies of humanity. (reptilian overlords?) This manuscript is purportedly 35,000 years old. Thoth is also been spelt as Toth, Thaute, Thute, and Thuti. There is a general consensus that Thoth (the Atlantean) is also Hermes, and according to Freemasonry he was also Enoch. In the ancient languages, according to many, Thuti is the closest spelling to the the correct pronunciation of this being's name. (ta-hoot-i) The Great Pyramid in the same ancient language was call Khuti (ka-hoot-i).

There have been two recent discoveries that may verify that accuracy of the Emerald Tablets, concerning the craft that Thoth buried. One was the oldest ship ever recovered. This huge boat has been re-assembled and restored. Could this have been the craft that Thoth buried, intended to be the saving of mankind from a large flood?...

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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