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Posted on Monday, July 18 - 2005

Lined with hay and held together by a net of rough string, the leather shoes look bulky, itchy and downright uncomfortable. But if they were good enough for Oetzi, the 5,300-year-old man found in an alpine glacier in 1991, they're good enough for the modern foot, insists Petr Hlavacek, a Czech shoe expert who has created replicas, taken them out for a walk and pronounced them far better than most modern footwear."These shoes are very comfortable.

They are perfectly able to protect your feet against hard terrain, against hot temperatures, against cold temperatures," he said, showing off the replicas in his office at Tomas Bata University in this eastern Czech town. Despite their flimsy leather soles, the shoes offer a good grip and superb shock absorption, and are blister-free, Hlavacek said. It's like going barefoot, "only better," he said. "In the Oetzi shoes, you feel something like freedom, flexibility."Scientists have already learned much from the hunter nicknamed Oetzi (rhymes with curtsey) - that his last meal included venison, that he was killed by an arrow, and that he probably spent most of his life within about 50 miles of where his body was found.

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Posted on Monday, March 27 - 2006

by L. Savage

The pyramid complex at Gizeh, and in particular the Great Pyramid, has held a grand fascination for all peoples for millennia. What is it? Why is it? These questions have been disected, debated, researched, and written about for centuries.

I have read every possible writing that I could ever find on the Great Pyramid and have not seen this theory presented anywhere. In one way, I think this presentation is more objective than most theory views. I am not promoting this theory, not publishing it for profit, and nothing to gain or lose by its acceptance or rejection by the readers. Other theorists have developed a single approach and one-sided view of this Grand Structure, promoting their one theory with self-serving facts and research, overlooking other obvious facts. I do believe a more comprehensive - more encompassing theory is probably a better definition of the Great Pyramid ---one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The oldest manuscript concerning the Gizeh complex is the 'Emerald Tablets of Thoth,' where Thoth writes about how he developed the 'underground' portion of Gizeh. He buried a craft there for the 'end times' for our benefit to defeat the enemies of humanity. (reptilian overlords?) This manuscript is purportedly 35,000 years old. Thoth is also been spelt as Toth, Thaute, Thute, and Thuti. There is a general consensus that Thoth (the Atlantean) is also Hermes, and according to Freemasonry he was also Enoch. In the ancient languages, according to many, Thuti is the closest spelling to the the correct pronunciation of this being's name. (ta-hoot-i) The Great Pyramid in the same ancient language was call Khuti (ka-hoot-i).

There have been two recent discoveries that may verify that accuracy of the Emerald Tablets, concerning the craft that Thoth buried. One was the oldest ship ever recovered. This huge boat has been re-assembled and restored. Could this have been the craft that Thoth buried, intended to be the saving of mankind from a large flood?...

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Posted on Sunday, January 22 - 2006

Copyright 2003 by Doug Yurchey

A very recent discovery in central Brazil baffles archaeologists; yet is consistent with similar prehistoric mysteries around the Earth. WASHINGTON, September 18, 2003 - Newly discovered traces of ancient roads, bridges, and plazas in Brazil's tropical forest may help dispel the once-popular impression of an "untouched" Amazon before the Europeans' arrival. In southern Brazil, archaeologists have found the remains of a network of urban communities that apparently hosted a population many thousands strong. Reporting their findings in the journal Science, published by AAAS, the science society, the researchers say the people who dwelled there dramatically changed their local landscape. Michael Heckenberger of the University of Florida and his colleagues made a surprising find in the upper Xingu region of the Amazon. In an area that was long thought to be too hostile for a human city...there are 'centuries-old remains of roads that appear to link a net work of large villages in a carefully organized, gridlike pattern.' Heckenberger reported that: No part of this land was wild and pristine. The sections of high vegetation were more like 'large parks' than untouched forests.

Soil quality was too poor to support any type of agricultural community. Yet, this new discovery in the Amazon reveals that thousands of early indians inhabited the settlement. The long lost, Xingu Amazons required half-decent soil in order to grow crops. So often, prehistoric civilizations thrived in places thought to be too inhospitable; such as: Tiahuanaco, Machu Picchu, Central America, Egypt, Tassili, Easter Island and Australia. If we investigate the major, ancient sites of human civilization, there is a MYSTERY. If we examine and compare the first places of intelligent settlement, we will find that it is the same mystery. Humans constructed and lived for thousands of years in locations where they should not have been able to exist. Something is drastically wrong with the way traditional archaeology views the past...

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Posted on Thursday, June 16 - 2005

The Star Maps shown here represent first stage of Project Stargate, and were first spoken about on the original Art Bell Coast to Coast Radio Show in 1997. What was presented on that program, and is presented here for that matter, represents a fragment of the volumes of information that substantiates the actual findings in extensive work that I did with Dr. Joseph Puleo on the subject.

Dr. Puleo has continued on this subject and other hidden codes that he discovered in the Bible... and went on to publish other aspects of this information in a book titled Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse- Co-authored by Dr. Len Horowitz. It is an amazing accomplishment, an is entirely based on Dr. Puleo's research.

As Dr. Puleo completes other sections of his work regarding this material we will release new information. Stargate I is only a fraction of the story yet to be told. Stargate I was updated since the original Coast to Coast Radio broadcast, and contains information which in many incidences may has never been released before to the public, and is in accordance with the Ascended Master Teachings.

" We release this information in the name of love that mankind might grow and become wiser. For it has been said " that the truth shall set you free."

God Bless

Dr. Joseph Puleo

Ancient scripts recently uncovered in the Middle East and as well here in the Americas, artifacts from the Mayan, Cherokee and Lakota cultures, as well as those who would be 'Categorized' by most as being the Annunaki; have remained intact in ancient underground sites that are currently being explored by the Mountain Brotherhood as permission is being given,

The permission we speak of is given by extremely ancient sources to release certain information due to the seriousness of our planets current social and environmental situations. Now please keep in mind that we are not talking about 5th Dimensional teachers, or channeled information. We are talking about tactical information in the form of ancient sites, an that are being shown to the members of the Brotherhood as well as artifacts that are being shared; affirming once and for all our connections to our Forbidden past... Hence the term Crypto- Archaeology.

There exist records relating to Maps of the Heavens, known in the medicine circles of the indigenous peoples of this western hemisphere as the Star Knowledge of the Medewiwin, an ancient medicine order (brotherhood) which exists to the present day.

It is said that the Medewiwin are responsible for many of the ancient medicine wheels, monolithic structures and underground temples which are beginning to become known to modern man here in the Americas. As we approach the time of the great shifting of realities which shall become known to future generations as the period of The Great Awakening.

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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