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Posted on Sunday, August 25 - 2013

Mahjong is a popular passtime in China.
Image Credit: CC 3.0 Fangoufang

Divers from China’s Hunan province have found a novel way to escape the scorching summer heat. As temperatures soared to 41 degrees in China this month, a new variation of the populartile-based game mahjong has been hitting the headlines.

Players with experience in scuba diving set up a table, chairs and a whole mahjong set at the bottom of a public swimming pool and played an entire game completely underwater.Unable to speak to one another, the participants resorted to holding up pieces of cardboard with markings drawn on them in order to communicate while playing. The tiles and furniture were also weighted to prevent them from floating upwards during the game."Playingmahjong underwater is for fun, and the real reason is to feel cool," one of the divers told a local newspaper. While footage of the intrepid group has proven popular in the region, some have questioned whether the whole thing is actually nothing more than a publicity stunt.

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Posted on Saturday, August 24 - 2013

Troops have witnessed strange objects in the sky.
Image Credit: DoD

Soldiers in India have reported several sightings of unidentified flying objects over the China border. Reports have been hitting the headlines in India and elsewhere conceringclaims of more than 100 individual sightings of strange objects in the skies over the Line of Actual Control with China.Army troops and police officers stationed in the Ladakh region have described "yellowish spheres" that appeared to "lift off from the horizon on the Chinese side and slowly traverse the sky for three to five hours before disappearing."Despite concerns over possible incursions, military officials have played down suggestions that these objects could be drones ormilitary aircraft flying over the 2,100-mile border.

When queried about the incidents, Defence Minister A K Antony denied any concern and stated that there was no conclusive evidence that sightings of unidentified flying objects had actually taken place over the region at all.

Source: IndianExpress

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Posted on Saturday, August 24 - 2013

The groundbreaking ytterbium lattice atomic clock at NIST.
Image Credit: Burrus/NIST

A pair of experimental atomic clocks have succeeded in setting a new world record for stability. Physicists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology have developed twoatomic clocks based on ytterbium atoms that have proved to be the most stable timepieces on the planet.This measurement is based on how precisely the duration of each tick matches that of every other tick, in this case the clock ticks are stable to within a staggering two parts in 1 quintillion - that"s a 1 followed by 18 zeroes.The ytterbium clocks are in fact so accurate that they would continue to keep perfect time for a period longer than the entire age of the universe.

Physicists believe thatthe breakthrough will have significant benefits in the future development of sensor equipment and could lead to the development of atomic clocks that are even more accurate."The stability of the ytterbium lattice clocks opens the door to a number of exciting practical applications of high-performance timekeeping," said NIST physicist and co-author Andrew Ludlow.

Source: NIST

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Posted on Saturday, August 24 - 2013

What happens when your team doesn"t win ?
Image Credit: Donald Riesbeck Jr

Supporting a sports team that doesn"t do very well could actually be harmful to your own health. Researchers at the European Institute of Business Administration have found thatexperiencing the defeat of your favorite team at a sports game can do more than just make you feel down, it can actually have a measurable physical impact on your health.In a new study, Professor Pierre Chandon and doctoral student Yann Cornil determined that fans are more likely to binge on foods rich in calories and saturated fats the day after their team suffers a major defeat.To learn more about this connection, Cornil and Chandon looked at the eating behavior of fans after two seasons of NFLgames.

The results indicated that fans ate up to 16 percent more unhealthy foods following a loss for their team compared to a win."The idea could be that there is comfort in food," said Dr. Cornil. "We reach for sweet and fatty food in particular, like cake or chips, as it helps ease our mood."

Source: Telegraph

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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