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Posted on Thursday, August 22 - 2013

A new study has revealed that birds react differently to cars on a road depending on the speed limit.Biologists Pierre Legagneux and Simon Ducatez started to investigate the behavior of birds that had landed on the road while they were driving home from the lab. What they found was that the birds seemed to know what speed the cars on that road generally traveled at and took off sufficiently in advance toavoid being hit, even when the car in any given instance might be driving slower than the limit."What was really cool is that birds did not respond to the speed of the car but rather to the speed limit of the road section," said Legagneux.

It is believed that the birds perceive the vehicles as predators and assign different levels of danger to different roads based on the typical speed of the cars they"ve encountered there. "Birds cannot read roadsigns, but they know that some roads have higher speed limits than others."  

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Posted on Wednesday, August 21 - 2013

Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano had been out on a spacewalk when his helmet started to fill with water.The claustrophobic feeling of being confined within a spacesuit may seem unnerving enough, but to then have the helmet start filling up with water is more akin to a science fiction horror movie. In a recent spacewalk Luca Parmitano found himself in exactly this predicament, with water sloshing around inside his helmet he was unable to even see properly as he desperately attempted to save himself from disaster."The watercovers my nose - a really awful sensation that I make worse by my vain attempts to move the water by shaking my head," he wrote.

"By now, the upper part of the helmet is full of water and I can"t even be sure that the next time I breathe, I will fill my lungs with air, and not liquid."Fortunately the Italian astronaut was able to get back inside the space station using his safety cable to pull him back towards the hatch. NASA has been unable to find the exact cause of the problem but believes it relates to the spacesuit"s life-support equipment backpack. "An Italianastronaut who nearly drowned in his helmet during a spacewalk has told of how he felt all alone and frantically tried to come up with a plan to save himself."  

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Posted on Wednesday, August 21 - 2013

Nicola Peate had to open her mouth so wide to tuck in to the burger that she dislocated her jaw.Fans of above-average sized burgers needn"t worry however, the 25-year-old"s mishap can be attributed to more than just trying to open her mouth wide. Nicola suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a condition which makes her joints unstable. Despite experiencing pain in hermouth after the meal, she didn"t realise the extent of her injury until she was checked out at Royal Liverpool University Hospital the next day."I didn"t think I"d dislocated it - you don"t expect it to happen eating a burger, but I tried to eat it with a knife and fork and couldn"t," she said.

"I couldn"t open my mouth fully - it felt like I had cramp in my tongue, then I started to get an earache and a headache." "A woman had to have her jaw reset after dislocating it while eating a triple-decker burger."  

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Posted on Wednesday, August 21 - 2013

A restaurant in China added insult to injury by compensating a couple with a payout of 100,000 coins.The couple had been dining at the restaurant in Kunming, Yunnan Province when they decided to complain to the staff about the level of hygiene. According to reports, rather than accepting the complaint infuriated staff responded to the criticism by attacking the couple instead. A later courtorder demanded that the restaurant pay them 68,000 Yuan in compensation over the incident.The problem didn"t end there however as the restaurant decided to pay the couple in coins - 100,000 of them.

Filling 8 huge sacks and weighing almost 400kg, the massive stack of coins required 18 bank staff members to count. "A Chinese restaurant ordered to pay compensation for attacking a customer added insult to the diner"s injury - by givingher the payout in 100,000 coins."  

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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