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Posted on Saturday, October 02 - 2004
As if home prices aren't enough to scare the dead presidents out of your wallet, two real estate Web pages offer some deliciously devilish fun with real estate served up with a side of fright. Los Gatos, CA real estate agent Mary Pope-Handy, who has a penchant for things that go bump in the night, recently created The website reveals that while specters and phantoms will hole up in old opera houses, hotels, churches and the like, they seem to prefer good old fashioned single-family homes -- just like most living buyers. Offering both tall tales and the straight scoop, Pope-Handy giggles at the ghosts whileexamining the serious side of haunted houses and how truly frightful it can be to sell a home when tortured souls moan for a rent-back. "Most homes with unexplained, possibly ghost phenomena, do not experience terrifying events. Ordinarily it's limited to lights and other electrical items going on and off, the sounds of doors or windows opening andclosing, footsteps, or an occasional spotting out of one's peripheral vision or sense of a 'cold spot' in a home," she says.

. Nevertheless, apparent apparitions or unexplainable conditions, disclose them, even if you don't believe them. "In most areas, it is no longer 'buyer beware' but instead the burden is on the seller to disclose anythingaffecting value or desirability," she added. The cost of outing Casper-like capers can be as chilling as Edgar Allen Poe poetry, but ectoplasmic fraud can lead to a much greater fear -- a buyer's real estate attorney. Cable News Network's (CNN) "Real Estate's Scary Side" Web page reveals how frightful it can be to try to unload a house when the sheets won't stay on the bed. The cable television news network reported a study of more than 100 "psychologically impacted" houses (with supernatural stigma caused by murder, suicide, or fatal illness) can kill a deal, take 50 percent longer than comparable unhaunted homes to sell and bring in an average of 2.4 percent less. Randall Bell, realestate's....
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Posted on Tuesday, September 21 - 2004
WHITEHAVEN’S haunted museum, the Rum Story, has bought state-of-the-art ghost hunting equipment as it continues its search for the truth about its spooky happenings. There have been so many reports of unexplained occurrences and things going bump in the night that resident ghost expert Dr Jason Braithwaite and the museum have been prompted to invest in some ultra-sensitive kit which can detect even the slightest changes in the atmosphere. It will be put to the test at the Rum Story’s next ghost night on September 25. Hundreds of people have already taken part in the overnight events, which are led by Dr Braithwaite, a cognitivepsychologist, and his paranormal team. Marie Whitehead, operations director at The Rum Story, said: “People on the ghost nights have experienced strange sensations, unexplainable occurrences, temperature drops and alarms going off on the ghost hunting equipment. “Over the summer, there have been more unusual goings-on at Whitehaven’s ‘Dark Spirit’ attraction which have left thestaff in no doubt that The Rum Story is actually haunted.

. Spooked staff have blamed it all on a ghost they've dubbed "Henry" after one of the Jefferson family, which back in 1785 ran the shop, courtyards, cellars and bonded warehouses where The Rum Story is. Most of them have had some experience of ‘Henry’s ghostly activity.But Marie saidin recent months there have been some different sightings reported by members of the public, suggesting that the museum has more than one ghost.Dr Braithwaite will be using the new equipment to get to the bottom of the new spectral activity on the September 25 ghost night, for which there are still some places available.It is the last overnight ghost hunt this year and the cost is £49.95, including a four course banquet and drinks, an investigators pack, use of all the equipment, plus a full English breakfast the following morning.
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Posted on Tuesday, September 07 - 2004
While many people have explanations for strange phenomena, Diane Persechino and Charlie Marczewski have yet to reach any conclusion on unexplained occurrences at their Main Street coffee shop. They have simply ruled it as haunted. Since opening four and a half months ago, Marczewski has seen images of a young man throughout the shop, Chiane’s Gourmet Coffee House & Café. Persechino said she’d never seen anything out of the ordinary herself, but that all changed about a month ago. "I was downstairs and I could hear chairs moving upstairs," she said. "Then I began to hear people talking, having a conversation." Persechino thought the radio may have been on or there might have been customers waiting, but she remembered that she locked the door because she was the only one there and the shop wasn’t open yet for the day. The possibility of Marczewski being in the shop also crossed her mind. However, Persechino received no response to repeated calls from the bottom of the stairs.When she finally reached the top of the stairs the noises had stopped, the radio wasn’t on and the door was locked.

. Just a few days ago, Persechino saw what she thought was a customer standing at the front counter while she was in the kitchen, located in the back of the 77 Main St. shop. After yelling to the person, "I’ll be right with you," she looked up intime to see the figure, a male described to have dark hair, slim figure and in his late teens or early 20s, walk behind a pillar in the store and disappear."The kid will be there and then he fades," she said. "I never believed in ghosts until I saw him."Even customers have mentioned seeing things at times, they said. One customer thought someone was walking behind him and when he turned around - nothing.The two went as far as contacting the Torrington Historical Society to learn any information and history about the building and their stop.Historical Society Curator Gail Kruppa said she hasn’t done any extensive research so far, but she does have a brief history of the building.Built in 1902 by the TorringtonBuilding Co., the....
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Posted on Monday, August 09 - 2004
The word "ghost" is hot on the lips of Kent County Court House employees. A new $75,000 security system installed July 1 hasn't caught any criminals, but it did capture some haunting images of what appears to be a strange light "walking" in one stairwell. "It didn't show up to the eye, but it showed up on tape," said security officer Phillip Price. Security personnel first saw the light while looking at a surveillance tape recorded July 29, and it appeared live for more than an hour the next day. After noticing the light, Price walked up the stairs and didn't see a thing. But downstairs,where by then a crowd of employees had gathered to watch, the video monitor revealed the strange light proceeding ahead of Price, stopping when he stopped and starting when he started. At one point, those watching the video feed saw Price walk through the anomaly, they said. That was about the time that Price said he felt something. "I felt a real chill,I will tell you that," Price said.

. This time of year, the courthouse stairway is warm and muggy, and Price said he doesn't have much time for ghosts. Officials are still trying to find a scientific explanation for the anomaly, such as dust spots on the camera lens or a malfunctioning battery. A digital copy of the data has been sent to Atlantic Security, the firm thatinstalled the cameras.Kent County Sheriff John F. Price said he doesn't believe in ghosts."There has to be a logical explanation," he said, adding "I'm keeping an open mind."Employees said they have seen odd shadows and heard unexplained noises including the sound of closing doors when no one else was around.For those who believe in the paranormal, the image on the courthouse security camera is described by the Maryland Ghost and Spirit Association as an "orb," which some believe represent the soul of a person who has died.If that's true, there could be dozens of explanations as the courthouse has been the site of executions dating back to 1746. A 1969 expansion was also built over aforgotten....
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Found 611 possible matches - Page 89 of 153

You searched for: "Unexplained"

Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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