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Posted on Tuesday, April 12 - 2005

LochnessFor hundreds of years, sightings of a strange creature have been reported in Loch Ness in Scotland. In our Pacific Northwest a land animal that has become known as “Bigfoot” or “Sasquatch” has been sighted by many reputable people. In the Himalayan mountains this same animal is known as “Yeti” or the “abominable snowman” after the terrible odor he is said to emit. In 1987 a lighthearted movie called “Harry and the Hendersons” was made about an “abominable snowman.” But were you aware that just 30 miles north of Sheboygan just such a sighting occurred? Back in the late 1930s it was reported that about dusk one warm summerevening, two young boys were walking along a railroad right-of-way when they stated they heard a fearsome roar or scream quite unlike anything they had ever heard before. Just a short time later they saw what they described as a large hair-covered man-like creature in the brush nearby. The boys said the “thing” was light colored but very dirty and walked upright. Not wishing to get to know the frightful oddity anybetter, the boys rapidly departed the scene.As for large sea monster type animals, there have been reports of strange creatures seen in Lake Michigan as far back as the early 1800s.

. The Indians also had many stories in their folk lore of what they referred to as sprit creatures, which they claimed to have sighted in many small lakes around Wisconsin.One of these strange sighting occurred right here in Sheboygan County; in fact, it was said to havehappened at Elkhart Lake in the early 1900s. As the story goes, a local fisherman put out a set line, which is a long fish line with many hooks which is anchored to the bottom and fastened to a post or tree on shore. In this case the fisherman had fastened his set line to a post that was part of a small pier jutting out into the lake. After setting his fish line, the fisherman returned home with the intention of returning the next day to pull up the line and retrieve any fish he may have caught. Early the next morning, the fisherman returned to his set line and as he tried to pull it in, he apparently had caught a very large fish, as he found it very difficult to pull in the line. After great effort was expended he finally was about to pull whatever was on the line close to the dock. Suddenly the unknown creature gave tremendous pull in the opposite direction. Catchingthefishe......
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Posted on Saturday, July 14 - 2007

BigfootArmed with binoculars, video cameras, sound recorders and thermal imaging equipment, expedition members will today plunge deep into the woods of northern Michigan on a mission to silence cynics and rewrite zoology textbooks. With their lenses poised and notebooks at the ready, the 50-strong team of investigators will scour the wilderness in search of one of the world's most elusive creatures. Twigs will be examined for snagged clumps of fur, the forest floor scrutinised for footprints and steaming clues. At times, the intrepid researchers will simply stand silently among the trees with their microphones held high, hoping to capture a chilling but special sound - the howl of the Sasquatch. Also known as Bigfoot - the North American cousinof the Himalayan Yeti, or Abominable Snowman - reported sightings of the ape-like Sasquatch since the mid-19th century have been largely dismissed by mainstream scientists as a figment of folklore and overactive imaginations. But Matthew Moneymaker, the head of America's Bigfoot Field Researchers Organisation (BFRO), is adamant that there is something out there. He will today lead disciples on a three-day quest for proof that such acreature lives.

. "I know they exist, I've seen them. I had one about 15 feet away from me once," says Moneymaker, who in 2002 created a stir by taking a plaster cast of what some scientists speculated could be an imprint of a Sasquatch's forearm, hip, thigh and heel, after it supposedly lay down next to a muddy puddle in Washington State to retrieve a piece of fruit. Despite purportedly standing up to 10 feet (3 metres) tall and weighing more than 500lb (227kg),Sasquatches have proved camera shy through the decades, their alleged existence recorded only by footprints, scientifically uncorroborated reports, claims of unearthly howls emanating from American marshlands, and the occasional fuzzy photograph. Brief film footage shot in 1967 by Bigfoot hunters Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin, appearing to show a tall hairy primate lolloping beside a creek in California, was for decades considered by advocates as proof that the Sasquatch was more than just a myth. Grover Krantz, a respected professor of anthropology at Washington State University at that time, said he was convinced that the footage showed a surviving example of Gigantopithecus, a giant ape that first walked the earth five million years ago. But subsequent testimony from a costume designer, 35 years after the sighting, claiming that he had sold an ape suit to Patterson shortly before the incident, andafur......
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Posted on Wednesday, December 05 - 2007

The skull of the Turner Beast.Copyright © SunJournal.comMystery. Drama. That really ugly photo of a dead animal. The Turner beast is back. And it's coming to a TV near you."MonsterQuest," a 13-week documentary series that delves into the evidence surrounding Bigfoot, Birdzilla and other legendary monsters, will profile the Turner beast - and the international hysteria that fueled the mystery - in an episode called "Mutant Canines." The show will air Wednesday on the History Channel.The series was created by Whitewolf Entertainment, a Minnesota-based production company. Producer Doug Hajicek learned about the Turner beastafter the Sun Journal ran a story about a strange animal found dead beside some Turner powerlines in August 2006. Many people thought the grotesque body was that of a mystery beast believed to have killed dogs in Greene and Wales, a long-rumored creature with glowing eyes, a chilling cry and the features of a wolverine, hyena and Tasmanian devil. News of the beast, aswell as photographs of the body, spread fast and far, appearing on TV news broadcasts, cryptozoology Web sites and news pages. Hajicek read about it on the Internet and grabbed the case for his mutant canine episode. "It is an interesting story because a lot of people don't realize it's not really unique, what's going on in Maine.

. It's happening all over," Hajicek said. AlthoughSun Journal-sponsored DNA tests ultimately confirmed the body was that of a dog - not, as many believed, a Chupacabra, werewolf, extraterrestrial or mythological bogeyman from American Indian folklore - Whitewolf Entertainment came to Maine last winter to film a segment on the Turner beast maelstrom and the local legend that fed it. It helped that there was a body. "Turner is the hub of the (Mutant Canines) show. The reason is it's one of the cases we can apply science to, and that's why it's important," Hajicek said. During the weeklong shoot in Turner, crews talked with area believers, skeptics and scientists. Sun Journal reporter Mark LaFlamme, who wrote the Turner beast stories, and Animal Control Officer Wendell Strout were also interviewed. "I simply told them it was nothing morethan a dog,"Str......
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Posted on Monday, October 15 - 2007

BigfootCopyright © azcentral.comWhat's David Raygoza's idea of a good time? A full tank of gas in his Jeep, fresh batteries for his video camera and a bag of apples for bait. Raygoza, 49, is an award-winning principal at Central Unified's Pershing Continuation High School west of Fresno, Calif. But for 14 years, he's also had a secret hobby: tracking Bigfoot in Sequoia National Forest in the southern Sierra Nevada.Raygoza admits his belief in the legendary creature makes him sound crazy. "It's one of those things that you don't talk to people about. I think mainstream America looks at it like UFOs or ghosts," Raygoza said.Also known as Sasquatch,Bigfoot purportedly is covered in hair and stands 7 feet tall. The creature roams remote forests, with most sightings concentrated in the Pacific Northwest, from north of Eureka to British Columbia, said David Byrne, a high-profile Bigfoot hunter. Raygoza had kept a low profile on his Bigfoot convictions until July, when he led a symposium on the creature in Hanford, Calif. Raygozahas several photographs of large footprints he believes could be from Bigfoot, as well as video he says shows glimpses of the creature.

. He said he once found an old nest Bigfoot may have used. Raygoza's interest in Bigfoot dates back to his senior year at Riverdale High School, when he read a newspaper article about a 17-year-old student in the Bay Area planning a Bigfoot hunting expedition. "I thought, Wow. What a boldthing to do,' " Raygoza said. Then, 14 years ago, while camping with a friend in the Sierra east of Fresno, Raygoza came across 17-inch footprints he could not identify. A science teacher at the time, Raygoza was hooked on tracking Bigfoot. But he found no further evidence for 10 years: "I was really beginning to believe there was no such thing." A chance meeting with a man in Coarsegold, Calif., at a gold-panning exhibit four years ago piqued his interest again. The man, an American Indian, said Bigfoot roamed an area near an old sweat lodge in Sequoia National Forest. He told Raygoza: "If you go there, you'll find what you are looking for." Raygoza and a friend made a trip to the location and found several sets of tracks Raygoza thinks were from Bigfoot. Over the pastfouryears......
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Found 476 possible matches - Page 16 of 119

You searched for: "bigfoot"

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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