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Posted on Friday, December 01 - 2006

A mystery that has eluded Boone researchers for centuries may soon be solved.Long before the establishment of Appalachian State University, reports existed of mysterious lights appearing in the vicinity of the Linville Gorge, known as the Brown Mountain Lights.Astronomy and physics professor Dr. Dan B. Caton said the lights appear at completely random intervals and 90 to 95 percent of the occurrences can be explained.But Caton isn’t interested in those; instead, he is making it his goal to study the other 5 percent – the occurrences that science has tried to explain, but has not been able to.Observers ofthe lights have reported them to appear as bright, glowing orbs above Table Rock, Linville Gorge and Brown Mountain.Caton said they have been reported in every color, and sometimes last for a few hours. Caton received an e-mail from someone who saw the lights from a distance of eight feet in a parking area.Caton’s idea to research the Brown Mountain Lights is inthe form of a web-cam, which he has already procured through university funding.Caton received permission from the U.S.

. Forest Service to place the web-cam on a pulpit at the Wiseman’s View overlook off the Blue Ridge Parkway, but realized the camera might be destroyed by vandalism. To solve that problem, Caton and his associates proposed the building of a towerto house the web-cam. Permits for the tower are expected to be approved by the Forest Service next month.However, the funding for construction of the tower through the University Research Council was recently denied.“Now we’re in the odd position that the U.S. Forest Service is likely to approve the permit, but we lack funding,” Caton said.“If I get approval, I will make it happen somehow,” Caton said.
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Posted on Sunday, September 17 - 2006

There's something in the air near Waterville, Washington – mysterious lights no one can explain, or perhaps now a scientist in Australia can? "It was so mysterious, and then we found out later that other people were seeing it, mostly the farmers out in the fields," said Mabel Knowles. "No one could explain this. It wasn't rational, but it was real," said Dick Osborne. Are eerie lights seen over an Eastern Washington town UFO's, ghostly spirits, or has one professor a world away found a scientific answer to the mystery of the spooklights? On late summer nights over the years, many people in and around the small farming town ofWaterville have seen unusual lights flitting around the sky. "We knew it wasn't an airplane, because it darted around, it would hover around the house, then it would dart another place and go somewhere else, then pretty soon it would come back," described Mabel. "So then it just acquired the name of spooklight and that's what several people have called it since then because wejust were spooked.

. We didn't know what it was." "Just a light appearing out of nowhere, with nothing around it, able to travel at high speeds, maneuver in 90-degree angles. It could streak away, reappear, transfer to the next hill," said Dick. "It was like something from a space movie that you'd see on TV." People all over the world have seen andapparently photographed similar mysterious lights. They've appeared in places like Norway, Texas, Missouri, and Canada. At North Carolina's Brown Mountain and in Marfa, Texas, the government even erected signs acknowledging the presence of the lights. Spar Giedeman said he photographed an odd light near Mount Adams. "It just disappeared and faded out," he said. "I sure would like to know what it was. I've wondered all these years."
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Posted on Sunday, August 06 - 2006

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is to probe UFO sightings over Sunderland and Seaham after mysterious lights appeared in the night sky. An MoD spokeswoman said: "We examine any UFO sighting reports to establish whether there is any evidence to suggest that UK airspace has been compromised by hostile or unauthorised air activity."The probe is under way after Seaham couple Harry and Elizabeth McCall filmed the orbs flying over the town last Saturday night.Mr McCall, 67, told the Echo: "They were silent, as if they were floating. There was no noise."It wasunbelievaable and until someone convinces me otherwise, they were UFOs."Since then Echo readers from Westlea, Eastlea, Northlea, Deneside, Dalton-le-Dale, and Hollycarrside, in Sunderland, have reported seeing the lights.UFO Hunters, a national organisation which researches and compiles information about sightings internationally, has also appealed forwitnesses to get in touch.North East-based UFO expert Alfred Dodds receives an average of three reports a year of sightings in the region.Mr Dodds, 68, who runs the Northumberland UFO Research Centre, has been interested in the subject since the age of 10 and has never heard of any local sightings like those made last weekend.He said:"There have been similar sightings, but mainly abroad."The problem is you see is that we don't know what is being developed in technology and who is developing it."It's mainly America, which we have seen recently in the press."There are a lot of triangle sightings, with three lights and then a larger central light.

. This doesn't sound like that at all.
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Posted on Sunday, June 11 - 2006

Tim Clodfelter: The Brown Mountain lights dance in the night sky, shimmering and mysterious … at least that's what I've heard. The lights - seen in the night sky over Brown Mountain - have been reported as far back as the 18th century. The lights will be the focus of the Brown Mountain Lights Heritage Festival this weekend.On a recent trip to the Brown Mountain area, I didn't see any lights.Sorry.But I did meet several people who said that they have seen the lights.David Mull, a scruffy, enthusiastic man in his mid-50s, has been fascinated with the mysteries of Brown Mountain since he was a child. In the early '60s, a folk song called "(Legend ofthe) Brown Mountain Light," performed by Tommy Faile, led to a boom in interest in the lights.Mull was about 8 at the time. As the song grew in popularity, roadside lookout points - previously used for gazing at the scenery - became hot spots for gawkers hoping for a glimpse of the lights. One hotel owner charged people 50 cents a car to park in his lot. Mull's dad balked at theexorbitant charge, so they found another place to park.

. Mull has made himself an expert on the lights. He has produced two documentary videos, The Brown Mountain Lights and The Mysterious Lights of Brown Mountain, and touched on the subject in several other documentaries.Mull said he saw the lights when he was a child and has seen them many times since. But sightings are still a rarity, even forhim.Mull said that it's hard to say what he does for a living. Mostly, he said, he sells videotapes of his documentaries, raises and sells carnivorous plants, and does odd jobs. He devotes much of his plentiful energy to the Brown Mountain lights and other local lore.Mull offered to act as a tour guide. He met us in the parking lot of a Kmart in Morganton and led us to several of the best places to see the lights.
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Found 248 possible matches - Page 19 of 62

You searched for: "mysterious lights"

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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