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Indian state introduces ban on black magic - (Hindu Culture)
Goblin killer on the run in Zimbabwe - (Africas Mysteries)
Voodoo grave robberies abundant in Benin - (Voodoo & Shamanism)
eBay to ban sales of spells and hexes - (UFO Sightings)
Ritualistic horse killings on the rise - (Voodoo & Shamanism)
Exorcist bishop on call to purge demons - (Demonology)
400-year-old witchcraft trial resumes - (UFO Sightings)
Warlock allowed to break curfew on full moon - (Witchcraft & Occult)
17th-century witch trial diary goes online - (Miscellaneous)
Worlds first wizard school opens - (UFO Sightings)
New Loch Ness Monster video surfaces - (Lake & Sea Monsters)
Hikers capture footage of Bigfoot in Canada - (Big foot \ Yeti)
Melba Ketchum Bigfoot DNA claims revisited - (Big foot \ Yeti)
Minnesota Iceman resurfaces after 50 years - (Paleontology)
Bigfoot footprints cause panic in Malaysia - (Big foot \ Yeti)
Skunk Ape filmed in Florida - (Big foot \ Yeti)
Hairy creature sighting disturbs classes - (Big foot \ Yeti)
1903 Van Meter monster case revisited - (Rare Cryptoids)
Lake creature caught on film in Ireland - (Lake & Sea Monsters)
Bigfoot mystery foot found in Massachusetts - (Big foot \ Yeti)
Weeping tree worshipped in California - (Strange America)
Can Hindus eat test-tube beef ? - (Hindu Culture)
Jesus cross fragment unearthed in Turkey - (Christianity)
Study reveals six types of non-believers - (Skeptic)
Vatican miracle criteria revealed - (Christianity)
Vatican to make John Paul II a saint - (People & Profiles)
Should Yoga be taught in schools ? - (Human Enigmas)
Shaman rainmaking center discovered - (Africas Mysteries)
Vatican denies Pope performed exorcism - (Exorcism)
82,000 Vatican manuscripts to go online - (Biblical Mysteries)
Is The Conjuring based on a true story ? - (The Supernatural)
Poltergeist activity caught on shop CCTV ? - (Ghosts World Wide)
Market ghost caught on camera - (Ghosts World Wide)
Man driven insane by female ghost - (Ghosts World Wide)
Widow ghost blamed for deaths in Thailand - (Haunted Places)
Ghost hunter dies after investigation - (People & Profiles)
Anger over paranormal groups spade claim - (The Supernatural)
Haunted hospital raided by ghost hunters - (Haunted Places)
Ghost sightings spook New Zealand students - (The Supernatural)
Ghost of former pub barman photographed ? - (Ghosts World Wide)
UFO falls from the sky over Georgia - (UFO Sightings)
Key Roswell witness Jesse Marcel Jr. dies - (Roswell Incident)
Indian troops report wave of UFO sightings - (UFO Sightings)
Bulgaria UFO video surfaces online - (UFO Sightings)
New Zealand UFO lands in middle of road - (UFO Sightings)
Cigar-shaped UFO filmed over UK - (UFO Sightings)
Woman photographs UFO over Hull - (UFO Sightings)
In search of an alien galactic Internet - (Alien Encounters)
Eric Davis on scientists and UFOs - (Weird Science)
Are alien probes scouring the galaxy ? - (Alien Encounters)
Human mind control experiment a success - (Human Mind)
Scientists grow human brains in laboratory - (Weird Science)
Weather laser can induce rain and lightning - (Natures Mysteries)
Worlds most accurate atomic clock built - (Weird Science)
Supporting a losing team can be bad for you - (Human Mind)
Is powdered water a cure for drought ? - (Weird Science)
Woman survives being dead for 42 minutes - (Human Enigmas)
New beer will not give you a hangover - (Weird Science)
New invisibility cloak can freeze time - (Weird Science)
Can cryonics bring a person back to life ? - (Afterlife & Rebirth)
Sky god footprints discovered in India - (Ancient Astronauts)
Drones help to map ancient sites in Peru - (Mayans & Incas)
Ancient sarcophagus found at Lincoln Castle - (Archeology)
500-year-old globe carved on to ostrich egg - (Archeology)
Ancient Egyptian jewellery came from space - (Ancient Egypt)
Badger discovers medieval treasure trove - (Archeology)
6000-year-old Halls of the Dead unearthed - (Archeology)
Archaeologists uncover King Davids Palace - (Biblical Mysteries)
Mayan tablet reveals secrets of snake queen - (Mayans & Incas)
Ancient sphinx statue discovered in Israel - (Archeology)
Art Bell to return to radio with Sirius XM - (Miscellaneous)
119-year-old could be worlds oldest person - (Human Enigmas)
Edgar Mitchell calls for end to UFO cover-ups - (UFO Sightings)
Charlie Sheen to hunt for Loch Ness monster - (Lake & Sea Monsters)
Arthur C Clarkes DNA to venture in to space - (Space & Astronomy)
What really happened to Yuri Gagarin ? - (Space & Astronomy)
Worlds oldest man dies aged 116 - (People & Profiles)
Ancient fossil named after Johnny Depp - (Paleontology)
Chris Hadfield bids farewall to ISS - (Space & Astronomy)
Miley Cyrus recalls paranormal experience - (The Supernatural)
Near-death experiences explained ? - (Afterlife & Rebirth)
Angel priest appears at accident scene - (The Supernatural)
American man wakes up speaking Swedish - (Human Mind)
Doctor offers surgical palmistry services - (Divination)
Vampire graveyard discovered in Poland - (Vampires)
Woman with visions finds body for police - (Human Enigmas)
School classes suspended over ‘evil spirits - (The Supernatural)
Psychic attack reported at Japanese school - (Human Mind)
Applause is a social contagion - (Human Mind)
Was Uri Geller a spy ? - (Human Mind)
Mystery sounds plague British Columbia - (The Unexplained)
Dead man comes back to life after 45 minutes - (Human Enigmas)
New Princess Diana murder claim surfaces - (Conspiracy Theories)
Scientists solve mystery of Typhoid Mary - (Weird Science)
Hundreds flee cursed army base - (The Supernatural)
CIA acknowledges existence of Area 51 - (Area 51)
Mystery dark line caught on camera - (The Unexplained)
Giant pentragram discovered in the desert - (Witchcraft & Occult)
Will alien life be post-biological ? - (Alien Encounters)
Roswell base photographers speak out - (Roswell Incident)
Review of "The Spirit of Dr. Bindelof" - (Miscellaneous)
'Apocalypto' now for Mel, Maya and historians - (Mayans & Incas)
Authors claim Brown stole Da Vinci Code plot - (Holy Grail)
'Da Vinci chapel' filming starts - (Holy Grail)
The Isis Thesis - (Ancient Egypt)
Tolkien Jr. completes Lord of the Rings - (People & Profiles)
A gospel's rocky path from Egypt's desert to print - (Christianity)
The Origin of the Gods - (Ancient Astronauts)
Authors appeal Da Vinci Code copyright - (Christianity)
Book offers a healing path for the planet - (Spiritual)
Legend of Eldorado and Real hidden Inca Treasures - (Mayans & Incas)
Could Greek goddess Athena really be Eve from the Bible? - (Greek Mythology)
Goddesses and Gods Love and Sexuality - (Pagan Culture)
Lost Greek city may have inspired Atlantis - (Atlantis & Lemuria)
Legend of the Wampus Cat - (The Supernatural)
Ragnarok - (Norse Mythology)
Atlantis: the land beyond the pillars - (Atlantis & Lemuria)
Cleopatra's Suicide by Snake a Myth? - (Ancient Egypt)
Vampire mythology - (Vampires)
The rise and fall of Cahokia - (Native Americans)
Police stumped by paranormal activity - (The Supernatural)
Turkish village is latest doomsday hotspot - (Year 2012)
France bans access to doomsday safe zone - (Year 2012)
French village fears doomsday stampede - (Year 2012)
Death Valley is hottest place ever recorded - (Natures Mysteries)
Crop circles appear in Eastern Washington - (Crop Circles)
Maya temple with giant faces discovered - (Mayans & Incas)
Did a Sputnik really crash in Scotland ? - (Space & Astronomy)
Mystery fairy circles stump scientists - (The Unexplained)
Town of Dull to be linked with Boring - (Bizarre)
14th century ring used to poison drinks - (Miscellaneous)
Mona Lisa skeleton due for DNA testing - (Weird Science)
Father and son lived in jungle for 40 years - (Human Enigmas)
Top secret D-Day orders emerge - (Hitler & WWII)
Lost Apollo 11 samples found in warehouse - (Mysteries of Moon)
Alexander Graham Bell recording identified - (People & Profiles)
Is Boudicca buried underneath a car park ? - (People & Profiles)
Workers unearth Black Death plague pit - (Archeology)
Hindenburg mystery solved after 76 years ? - (Miscellaneous)
New Titanic to be built by 2016 - (Bizarre)
UFOs Over Sri Lanka - (Mysterious Sri Lanka)
Sakwala Chakraya - (Mysterious Sri Lanka)
'Angampora': A Fighting Art associated with Sinhala Kings - (Mysterious Sri Lanka)
Sri Lankan Superstitions - (Mysterious Sri Lanka)
Elephant lore - in Myth, Legend, Religion and War - (Mysterious Sri Lanka)
GANESH- The elephant-headed god (God Pillaiyar or Ganadeviyo) - (Mysterious Sri Lanka)
Hindu Gods & Worship (Puja) in Sri Lanka - (Mysterious Sri Lanka)
Kadupul & Nagavalli Gifts from the Celestial Nagas - (Mysterious Sri Lanka)
The Gods & Deity Worship in Sri Lanka - (Mysterious Sri Lanka)
The Indian Ola Leaf Horoscopes and the Idea of Karma and Re-Incarnation - (Mysterious Sri Lanka)
China to launch moon mission by end of year - (Space & Astronomy)
Life on Earth may have originated on Mars - (Mysteries of Mars)
Moon water hints at deep undergound source - (Mysteries of Moon)
NASA releases new asteroid mission images - (Space & Astronomy)
Astronaut details near-drowning experience - (Space & Astronomy)
Fireball planet orbits star in 8.5 hours - (Space & Astronomy)
Is crowd-funding the future of space travel ? - (Space & Astronomy)
Strongest known magnetic source discovered - (Space & Astronomy)
Engineers locate easily retrievable asteroids - (Space & Astronomy)
NASAs Juno spacecraft is halfway to Jupiter - (Space & Astronomy)
Cities to be drowned by rising seas by 2100 - (Armageddon)
Can birds tell what a roads speed limit is ? - (Animal World)
Is yawning contagious to dogs ? - (Animal World)
Climate change could lead to more wars - (Armageddon)
Baboon mass hysteria baffles zoo workers - (Animal World)
Plants blamed for deaths during heat waves - (Natures Mysteries)
Huge swarm of bees kills two horses - (Animal World)
Incredibly rare six-tentacled octopus caught - (Animal World)
Are dogs able to see in color ? - (Animal World)
Worlds oldest manatee turns 65 - (Animal World)
Minoan civilization originated in Europe - (Ancient Egypt)
Five Celtic warriors unearthed in France - (Archeology)
Worlds oldest harbor found in Egypt - (Ancient Egypt)
Lost items reveal Roman bath activities - (Archeology)
Did we domesticate dogs or vice versa? - (Animal World)
Many languages in danger of dying out - (Miscellaneous)
Roman toilet paper mistaken for toys - (Bizarre)
Why did Viking settlers leave Greenland ? - (Archeology)
Huge viking vessel to be shown at museum - (Archeology)
Giant skeleton from ancient Rome discovered - (Archeology)
Worlds largest fish grew up to 50ft - (Paleontology)
Prehistoric rodent fossil discovered - (Paleontology)
Prehistoric devil shark found in Arizona - (Paleontology)
Dolly scientist supports mammoth cloning - (Weird Science)
T. rex tooth found in dinosaur spine - (Paleontology)
Prehistoric lizard found trapped in amber - (Paleontology)
Bizarre 500-million-year-old creature found - (Paleontology)
Oldest primate skeleton discovered - (Paleontology)
Dinosaur egg discovery is missing link - (Paleontology)
Frozen mammoth found with flowing blood - (Paleontology)
Did Neanderthals teach us tool-making ? - (Paleontology)
Were horses domesticated 50,000 years ago? - (Paleontology)
Genetic Adam and Eve uncovered - (Weird Science)
What is the next stage in human evolution ? - (Weird Science)
DNA of prehistoric horse sequenced - (Paleontology)
Could humans eventually grow beaks ? - (Weird Science)
What will we look like in 100,000 years ? - (Weird Science)
Neanderthals also suffered from cancer - (Paleontology)
Ape-like feet found in humans - (Weird Science)
Why did our ancestors start walking upright ? - (Paleontology)
Man attempts to smuggle fish in his trousers - (Animal World)
Divers play underwater mahjong in China - (Miscellaneous)
Man is born with his heart in his abdomen - (Human Enigmas)
Real life Rapunzel has 55ft-long hair - (Human Enigmas)
Woman dislocates jaw eating triple burger - (Miscellaneous)
Restaurant pays fine using 100,000 coins - (Mysterious East)
Lion exposed as a dog at Chinese zoo - (Animal World)
Woman drives and texts while asleep - (Human Enigmas)
Man arrested for stealing an entire road - (Bizarre)
Man lives in hospital for over 45 years - (Human Enigmas)
Talking robot heads to space station - (Space & Astronomy)
Tomb raiders exploiting chaos in Egypt - (Ancient Egypt)
Evil spirit cleansing scam rakes in millions - ()
PayPal to set up galactic currency system - (Space & Astronomy)
Police archives recount paranormal reports - (The Unexplained)
Pope blesses Harley Davidsons - (Christianity)
Japan denies PM residence haunting - (Haunted Places)
Family attacked by alleged poltergeist - (Ghosts World Wide)
Alien big cat roamed UK over 100 years ago - (Animal World)
Smuggler caught with 10% of entire species - (Animal World)

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Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.
Your Feed back is always appreciated. Send us your views and ideas to help make even better.

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